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What We Do

What We Do

100_0712Costa Rica is a beautiful nation located in Central America. Many natural resources and beautiful beaches fill the landscape of this tropical country; however, this beauty overshadows the darkness for many in the capital city of San Jose. San Jose’s streets flow with life during the day but many children are left living in this city’s dangerous streets alone. The orphanages in Costa Rica are simply flooded with children. Many are turned away as young as 8 years old from their orphanage to only move on to the violent streets.

Changes need to be made for these street children who are in so much need of food, shelter and love. The House of Hope seeks to partner with churches as well as individuals to help rescue these children from the streets through The House of Hope.  The House of Hope is being built to be a sustainable orphanage where our children will learn many life skills such as farming, cooking and carpentry. With these much needed life skills, as adults, these children will be able to find more job opportunities to better their futures.

The Costa Rica Connection

Inside Costa Rica the House of Hope has partnered with Doctor Jonathan Calderón Chavarria, Pastor Geovanny Calderón and his congregation El Tabernaculo located in San Sabastián, Costa Rica.  These friendships and connections have made the dream of rescuing the children of Costa Rica a reality.

How You Can Help

Our greatest current needs are financial gifts and groups to help with construction. Learn more here.