Preparing For a Trip

Some helpful steps in prepping for traveling to Costa Rica.

Physical Condition and Medications

If you are elderly or are prone to health problems, we strongly recommend a thorough physical examination before traveling to Costa Rica. Also, medical identification (tags, bracelet, card, etc.) must be carried by anyone with chronic illness such as diabetes or heart conditions. If you have special needs while in Costa Rica (such as a medical condition, food allergies, or other special requirements), please let us know before your trip, and we will accommodate you as best as possible. Be sure to bring whatever you need with you in your carry-on luggage.

Medical Kit

Everyone should bring their own mini medical kit in their carry-on. Your kit should have any prescription medicines you are taking, Band-Aids, first-aid ointment, diarrhea medication, ibuprofen, insect-bite medication and antibiotic such as Cipro.


All North Americans traveling to Costa Rica must have a passport. You will not be allowed into Costa Rica without one. Check with your post office for a passport application, go to the U.S. Department of State web page: If you are applying for a new passport, please allow 4 to 8 weeks for this process. All travelers should bring a photocopy of the first two pages of their passport in their carry-on luggage.


No vaccines are required to enter Costa Rica but see the recommended list from the CDC:
A tetanus shot or booster is always a good idea.