Road Progress Update

When I read the stories of the Old Testament about Moses and the Israelites, it’s amazing to me that they walked in a land filled with miracles.   God provided everything that they needed at the exact time that they needed it.  Each time that I am in Costa Rica I feel like I’m walking on the pages of God’s Word simply because the miracles just keep on coming. Since June of 2014, we have seen amazing progress at the House of Hope. God has given us favor with everyone that we have needed favor with.  We have had several teams from the United States who have joined in our efforts to reach the children of Costa Rica.  Finances have miraculously appeared, just in the nick of time!
Today as I write, we have a road that gives us access to the property where the children’s homes will soon be built.  We have a bridge, strong enough to hold a fully loaded concrete truck, that gets us across the river.  We now have a brand new road on the other side of the bridge that climbs the curves and hills that lead us up to the build site.  Not to mention that we are currently moving dirt by the ton, architects plans are completed and approved, and now the numbers are beginning to arrive for the cost of the underground utilities, foundations, and building materials for the homes.  We are witnessing miracle after miracle…everything that we need at the exact time that we need it.
There is no doubt that in order to move forward with this project, we will need many more miracles to get us there.  Yet, I have now doubt that the miracles will continue to come as we continue to walk in this land filled with miracles.  To God be the glory.
Steve McCarty
Senior Pastor of Faith Community Fellowship
Trussville, Alabama
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