Nothing moves the heart of Costa Rica like soccer.

Imagine using the favorite sport of the nation to turn the hearts of children and families toward God. That is the goal of Kids of Costa Rica! Using two former team Costa Rica international soccer players as our coaches, Hacia Lo Major Academia de Fútbol was born. Our soccer academy now has 200 children enrolled. Many of our students are brought to us by a single parent, a grandparent, or a legal guardian. We have many cases of children with parents in prison, prostitution, or addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.  
Each week these children are divided into appropriate age categories as they are taught Christian values and ethics as soccer is used as the medium to do so.  Our students are monitored with our staff, that includes nutritionists, physical therapists, medical doctors, education specialists, and tutors, as well as spiritual advisors. The guardians of the children in the academy have agreed to participate in monthly child development and family development classes where Christ is the central focus.  


As missionaries living in the country of Costa Rica, our hearts were gripped for the children on the streets living in marginalized communities with few resources and little hope of a brighter future....

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Building homes 1 & 2

As we dug the foundation for House 1, we planned that 15 orphaned boys would live in this home. The same plan existed for House number 2, except that this would be the home for 15 girls. These homes w...

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Soccer field & Access Road

The dream for Kids of Costa Rica is to reach 1,000 children and their families through the soccer academy. Our homes built on the mountain will be the headquarters and retreat center, and central hub ...

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